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Pau is located in the heart of the former sovereign principality of Bearn,
of which it has been the capital since 1464.
Today it is part of the Sud Ouest / South West of France
as the capital (préfecture) of the departement Pyrenees Atlantiques (64)
located in the region Nouvelle Aquitaine.

The city occupies an interface position
between plain and the Pyrenees mountains.

The town and its castle took on a new dimension
as the seat of the rulers of Navarre in the 16th century,
becoming a leading political and intellectual center.
The history of Pau is permanently marked by the birth
of the future Henri IV in 1553 in the royal castle.
Henri IV was the first Bourbon King of France,
Bourbon beeing the "B" in the VB;com domain
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Henri IV, 1st Bourbon King of France (1553 - 1610)

1464, the royal couples Henri and Marguerite de Navarre
ha a daughter
Jeanne d'Albret married to Antoine de Bourbon
The brought the court of the Kingdom of Navarre
to life in Pau.

Their son, the future Henri IV
was born 1553 December 13
in the castle of his ancestors.

First king of the Bourbon line,
the image of this reconciling and good-natured king
has had a profound effect on the image
of the city and his native castle.

Henri IV is also linked to the history
of & Cremerie de Paris
once owned by his minister Nicolas IV de Villeroy.

Henry IV was the father of Louis XIII
and the grandfather of Louis IV. facing the Paris Metro exit
Marguerite de Navarre
is the home of the Phone Bok of the World

Books about King Henri IV
in French and English

Pau is also known for
National Museum, Beaux Arts Museum
Bernadotte Museum, Resistance et Deportation Museum

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